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GÉANT Enabling Users Task

The interfederation service eduGAIN was developed and is operated by the European GÉANT project (currently, GÉANT4). The GÉANT4 project is divided in different activities and tasks. The "Enabling Users" task was one of several tasks that focused on developing and enhancing eduGAIN and provide expertise and know how to users of eduGAIN (in particular research communities, cloud providers and GÉANT itself).

The Enabling Users task existed from GN3plus project (1. Mai 2013 - 30. April 2015) and in GN4-1 (1. May 2015 - 30. April 2016) under this name. Some focus areas of the Enabling Users task continue to exist in the JRA3 T2 task ("eduGAIN Service Development - e-Research and Service Providers") of the GN4-2 project that started on 1. May 2016.

How to Contact Us

To get into touch with us, the GÉANT Enabling Users task, if your research group is interested in making use of eduGAIN, contact us via edugain-integration@geant.org.

Goals and Objectives

The Enabling Users task's main goal was to extend interfederation technology by helping research communities to integrate their services into eduGAIN. The task shall be an expert partner for large EU projects with authentication and authorisation requirements.

The objectives in GÉANT 4 were to:

  • actively work together with research communities
  • support other GÉANT tasks to enable their services for eduGAIN
  • building up an eduGAIN knowledge database that offers instructions, hints and recommendations to operate eduGAIN services

Enabling Users Task Members

Most participants in the Enabling Users task work for European research and education networks where they operate their national identity federations. The work for GÉANT is only a fraction of their overall work time. The current task members in GÉANT 4 are:

This list is not complete as members for the related eduGAIN tasks mentioned above also might be involved in the Enabling Users work.

What We Were Working On

In 2013, the Enabling Users task - together with REFEDS - invited research communities participating at Federated Identity For Research (FIM4R) and similar meetings to submit use-cases in the area of federated identity management. By mid May a total of 11 projects submitted their use cases. Themes of the submitted use-cases included:

  • Integration into eduGAIN
  • Virtual organisation/group management/access control
  • Federated non-browser authentication and authorization

Due to the high number of submitted use-cases it was decided to provide general support on eduGAIN questions to all interested communities but focus work on three use-cases that promise good results regarding time frame, reproducibility, complexity and other aspects. The three selected use-cases are from the following research groups:

In year two of the GÉANT 3 plus project (2014-2015) we also started collaborations with the following organisations:

Besides the above work on specific use-cases and pilots, general support and assistance on a best effort basis was/is provided to other research groups like:

Deliverables and White Papers

Find below a list of deliverables and white papers that we have created to document our work or to highlight topics important for eduGAIN and the research communities:


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