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About Identity Federations, Interfederation and eduGAIN

Basic information on the characteristics of identity federations, the role of federations operators and of the interfederation service eduGAIN.

How to connect an Identity Federation to eduGAIN

This section provides information for federation operators that want to join eduGAIN as a member (identity) federation.

How to set up an Identity Provider to be ready for eduGAIN

Contains some generic (federation-independent) information mostly relevant for operators of an eduGAIN-enabled Identity Provider.

How to set up a Service Provider to be ready for eduGAIN

Some useful hints and recommendations for operators of a SAML Service Provider in the context of eduGAIN.

How to create Virtual/Collaborative Organisations

This section will provide some information on how virtual organisations (e.g. an international research group) can make use of SAML and identity federations in order to grant authorized access to their data and services.

Metadata for eduGAIN

Some details about SAML metadata files and how to create them to meet the eduGAIN metadata requirements.


A list of generic tools for handling SAML metadata or for operating a Service Provider or Identity Provider.


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