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About Identity Federations, Interfederation and eduGAINAttributeReleaseTraining2015Basic idp metadata example
Basic sp metadata exampleBecome FaaS user
Best Current Practices Guide for Joining eduGAIN as a FederationCLARINCoCoEndorsement
DARIAH UseCaseData Protection Code of Conduct CookbookEARC Evaluation
ELIXIREduGAINEduGAIN Connectivity Check
EduGAIN Metadata ProfileEduGAIN Metadata Template for Identity ProviderEduGAIN Metadata Template for Service Provider
EduGAIN PolicyEduGAIN SG-20150430EduGAIN SG-2015Oct
EduGAIN SG-2016DecemberEduGAIN SG-2016MayEduGAIN SG-2016October
EduGAIN SG-2017AprilEduGAIN SG-2017FebruaryEduGAIN SG-2017June
EduGAIN Steering Group MeetingsEduGAIN Town Hall-20141202EduGAIN Town Hall-20151201
EduGAIN Town Hall-20170221EduGAIN VotesEdugain service organisation
Elixir UseCaseEnabling UsersExample page
FaaSFaaS offerFaaS terms of service
FaaS toolbox and basic usage workflowFaaS user guide
Faas trainingFederation
Federation ArchitectureFederation OperatorGeneral Requirements for joining eduGAIN
General process for an identity federation to join eduGAINHow to Join eduGAIN as Service ProviderHow to Join eduGAIN as a Publisher
How to choose the attributes to request and how to get themHow to configure Shibboleth SP attribute checkerHow to configure login error messages for your SP
How to configure the login buttonHow to connect an Identity Federation to eduGAINHow to offer a service in eduGAIN
How to retrieve interfederation metadataHow to set up a Service Provider for eduGAINHow to set up an Identity Provider for eduGAIN
How to test an eduGAIN Identity ProviderHow to use FaaSHow to write the privacy policy
IDP/SP Metadata ProfileIDP Attribute Profile: recommended attributesIDP Attribute Release
Identifier AttributesIdentity Federation Knowlege BaseLogin
Login StatusLogoutMain Page
Metadata Flow in eduGAINMetadata for eduGAIN
Monitoring tool instructionsNational Federation
Proxy for VidyoRecipe for a Federation OperatorRecipe for a Home Organisation
Recipe for a Service ProviderRelying Party ConfigurationRepublish eduGAIN Metadata
Rich idp metadata exampleRich sp metadata exampleTechnical aspects
TestspTmw pageTools
Umbrella UseCaseUpstream-DownstreamValidator


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